MISSION STATMENT: I am not a educated food critic, and I have no intention of coming off like one. I have never eaten foi gras(sp) and I've never taken a cooking class. I have never cooked with truffles, or probably ever eaten at a five star joint. But I am passionate, and wayyy too opinionated when it comes to where I think has food, worthy of a long distance drive and the stomach pains and terrible gas that proceeds it. My suggestions are more like demands. Like the violent shakes given to you by a friend telling you to "Wake The Hell Up! , and Stop being so naive!".
Friends, family members and coworkers alike come to me on a daily basis asking, "Where to Eat?" And trust me, I'll tell you. And believe me....you're gonna like it!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Yep! I know, still gotta get this thing going. Until then, enjoy a bagel!

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