MISSION STATMENT: I am not a educated food critic, and I have no intention of coming off like one. I have never eaten foi gras(sp) and I've never taken a cooking class. I have never cooked with truffles, or probably ever eaten at a five star joint. But I am passionate, and wayyy too opinionated when it comes to where I think has food, worthy of a long distance drive and the stomach pains and terrible gas that proceeds it. My suggestions are more like demands. Like the violent shakes given to you by a friend telling you to "Wake The Hell Up! , and Stop being so naive!".
Friends, family members and coworkers alike come to me on a daily basis asking, "Where to Eat?" And trust me, I'll tell you. And believe me....you're gonna like it!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Yep! I know, still gotta get this thing going. Until then, enjoy a bagel!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Trying to see if I can figure this out properly. Hopefully within a few weeks, I'll have this up and running!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

It's about time!

    As soon a I can master this blog design thing the onslaught of food recommendation will begin. It bears repeating that as I said in the header, I AM NOT A FOOD CRITIC!  If you are looking for fifty dollar words and paragraph long ramblings about the ambiance and Zagat ratings of a place this is not for you. This blog will quite simply go as follows, Name of place, sexy lookin food picture, followed by why the heck you should eat there. Pure animalistic descriptions of why the food recommended is worth your time and the euphoric afterglow you should expect after eating it.
   Also I would like to make a point in saying that I wont waste time (mine and yours) with posts of places I think aren't worth going to. I'll leave that to the pro food snoots. This is a place for positive feedback only. If I visit an establishment with a breakfast that is a religious experience, but the service is awful, i'll leave that part out. However I will provide heads up as to personal menu recommendations, best times to go, and other insider tips. So if  this little attempt at trying to spread the good word of coma inducing food binges makes just one persons stomach eternally full and happy with a recommendation, I have done my job.
  So get ready, and leave your belts at home. Soon enough you'll be calling your buddy's up for a round of carpooling to your next food conquest.